The GReS Envimo

Monitor the Unseen

The air pollution in the world is getting worse and worse every year, especially in big cities.  According to the latest June 27, 2016, IEA (International Energy Agency) report, 6.5 million death every year are related to air pollution.

The problem with air pollution is it is difficult to see and quantize the threats.  Only some pollutant gases can be smelt or seen, but still we cannot determined the concentration of the gas. In many cases, we do not know that we are surrounded with unhealthy air condition. Some air pollutant gases are very toxic and dangerous like Carbon Monoxide (CO) that in high percentage level in the air can kill people within minutes or hours.  While other gas pollutants can create problems in the long run if we keep having this pollutants surrounding us. Besides concern to some air pollutant gases, we need to also concern about the Particulate Air Pollution. Particulate air pollution is a mixture of solid, liquid or solid and liquid particles suspended in the air.

Due to the concern of the ability to measure the concentration of the air pollutant gases, we need to find a way to monitor these air pollutant gases, and by knowing these conditions we can determined what we should do next to avoid or reduce these air pollutants. There are several air pollutant monitoring system already provided by the Government, but they are only monitoring the area surrounding them and can only be seen close by.  Buying professional gas monitoring devices are very expensive.

Introducing the solution, the GReS Envimo

GReS Envimo is developed to answer those air pollution concerns.  GReS Envimo was developed with concern of having an air pollutant monitoring and measuring device that is portable (easy to carry around), reasonable cost, easy to operate, and able to monitor several types of pollutant gases as well as Particle Pollution (Particulate Matter).

Since GReS Envimo is built with IOT consideration in mind, the sensor reading result produced by GReS Envimo can be sent to a web site in the Internet.  GReS Envimo is equipped with Wifi capability built in. We can send data to the internet through wifi router that has Internet connection.  The default configuration will send its data to ThingSpeak, but other IOT web site can also be set up.

In the current version, GReS Envimo is sending its data to ThingSpeak, an IOT web site.  By doing this, the result sent by GReS Envimo can be retrieved from anywhere in the world.  If we make ThingSpeak data public, every one else can also see the result through the internet. Location position can also be set in the ThingSpeak to mark the area of the device location.  If there are a lot of similar devices available around and their data shared, many institutions can make use of these data to make consideration of the air pollution within certain area.  By doing this actually we are participating also in the concern of making clean air society.

GReS Envimo, in the current development stage, is able to two types of air pollutants, i.e. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), Particulate pollutions i.e. PM 2.5 and PM 10, and also provide some environment information i.e. Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Altitude.

Measurable Quantities

– CO2 Measurement

One of the most important measurements that is needed to determine how polluted the environment that you are measuring is, CO2 measurement is a crucial factor that is taken into account.

– PM 1.0, 2.5, and 10 Sensor

Particulate Matter (PM) has been a concern for many people, especially in high levels. They cause the air to appear hazy and is one of the most dangerous factors when left unattended.

– CO Measurement

The CO sensor is another very important sensor, as it can determine how much someone can be exposed to such gasses. The average person can die from CO gas at 800 ppm in within 2 to 3 hours without them realizing the severity of it.

– Humidity and Temperature

Temperature and humidity, another two indicators, have been good factors in determining the impact of global warming and climate change on the environment.

– Pressure and Altitude

Two more important measurements, both pressure altitude gives a clearer detail for investigations to determine the position of the trial.

The Future for the GReS Envimo

The next generation GReS Envimo will have I2C external output connection to enable communication with external sensors and devices.

The next GReS Envimo will also be equipped with micro SD Card reader and writer, so it can stored data offline should there is no internet connection available in the area.

Other consideration also for choosing other power saver sensor technology since the current CO sensor is consumed a lot of battery energy since it has internal heater that need to keep burning in to enable stable reading. In the software development stage, GReS Envimo will be able to configure Wifi connection easily and to read its data through internet or Wifi.  Also ability to do software upgrade and sensor calibration of the device Over The Air (OTA) should be supported also.

Ordering the GReS Envimo

All orders of the Envimo are made directly through contacting Renaldi Gondosubroto through the contact section of the website or simply directly through the email Please indicate the number of Envimo you wish to order, or also feel free to inquire any other detail.