Monitor the Unseen!

Our mission is to be able to provide innovative solutions towards solving today’s world problems that are present.

​Innovation is the Key

GReS Studio is an environmentally friendly startup that aims to be able to provide solutions to solve today’s world problems. The first product of GReS Studio, the Envimo, is designed specifically for providing a feasible way of dealing with the problem of pollution.

The GReS Envimo is a simplistically designed device with a wide array of measuring capabilities that can be used to determine the condition of the environment around it. Simply activate it and you are on your way to seeing the truth behind the environment that most people are not aware of!

The future is here. Will you accept it?

These are the three pillars that GReS Studio stand on.


The first pillar has and always will make innovation stand up. We use innovation as the solution to solve today's world problems and as an alternative path from the traditional methods previously used.


The second pillar that we stand on is stability. We want to change how people think about innovation while still maintaining the balance of the environment and the society as a whole.


The third pillar than we stand on is how we are able to optimize with today's needs. We want to be able to adapt with the situations society presents us, pushing through our innovations well.